Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Art of Finishing - Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking

Finished Christmas Stocking

So many of life's tasks have no completion, but are ongoing, like laundry and housework.  Other things that do have completion potential often remain undone.  I have several of those projects scattered around my house...the partially knitted scarf, the stacks of photos to be put in books, and until yesterday, a cross-stitch Christmas stocking. I made a stocking for my oldest child, and then worked on one for my second child off and on (mostly off) for the past several years.  This week, I realized how very close it was to being finished.  So, with a few hours in the early mornings and late at night, I finished the stitching, and then with the help of someone who can actually sew, the stocking was lined, the back was attached, and voila!  Merry Christmas, son!  Now I only have one more stocking to do.

If you have projects scattered around your house, see if there is one that is close to completion.  Finishing something is wonderfully satisfying!


  1. This looks so great- I am jealous. Well, if I can ever get my 12 Days of Christmas stocking done, it will look almost as nice as this. It's been more like the 1 Score and 12 Days of Christmas stocking project for me, and just think only 4 "days" left to finish! At this rate I'll be done by 2020!

  2. Think how great you'll feel if you finish it! I bet you could finish by 2018.