Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Art of a Christmas Wreath

Our homemade wreath in process

One of the advantages of being Artwife to the artist, is that he'll do things like make a wreath.  We typically have a fresh Christmas tree.  I am partial to the scent of fir in the house this time of year.  To make the tree fit in our tree stand, we have to trim off some of the lower branches.

Tree before trimming

One year, after seeing the price of wreaths at the store, and seeing the amount of greenery we had left from the cut-off lower branches of our purchased Christmas tree, my husband decided to make a wreath.  And he has been doing it ever since.  We own a wreath frame that he uses to form the fir branches into a wreath shape.  Using some extra wire, he also attaches pine cones from our yard, and we use the same red bows every year.

With tools, wire, and gloves, the wreath takes shape.

With ribbon, pine cones, and a little artistic talent, our wreath looks great and makes it through the Christmas season.  It also gives us more bang for our Christmas tree buck each year!

A re-usable ribbon and pine cones from the yard decorate the wreath.

It looks great on our door!

The grand fir boughs will hold up in the winter cold through the month of December.  Thanks artist-husband for another great wreath.  When Christmas is over, we'll save the bows, bell, and frame for next year!

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