Monday, September 5, 2011

Visiting Fairfield, Utah: School and Cemetery

Fairfield School

 The Fairfield school is a wonderfully restored building. It is located a couple of blocks north of Camp Floyd State Park.  The school was built in 1898 to replace the adobe school. It was used until 1939, and then was restored in 2005.

Photograph of the Fairfield School

The school is now listed on the National Historic Register. According to the sign at the school, it is now used in conjunction with Camp Floyd for educational purposes, including "period" re-enactment activities.  It is a very striking building.

Fairfield, Utah Cemetery

As you leave Camp Floyd State Park and travel back toward Lehi, Utah, you will see signs for the Fairfield Cemetery.  It is a short way down a paved road to the cemetery.  We entered and parked on the dirt/gravel drive around the cemetery and walked around.

Fairfield, Utah cemetery

This cemetery is a blend of modern and old headstones.  As you can see, it is not a manicured lawn cemetery.

View of the Fairfield, Utah Cemetery

The cemetery is in a pretty spot, and is rather small and easily walkable.  Beware of spiky weeds and jumping bugs.

Headstone in the Fairfield Cemetery

Several members of the Carson family, who built and ran the nearby Stagecoach Inn, are buried in this cemetery, including this infant, Catharine.  After seeing the place where the Carsons lived and raised their family, it was interesting to visit their burial place as well.

Headstone, Fairfield, Utah

Old headstones are an art form themselves, and although the stones are weathered and can be difficult to read, you can still appreciate the beauty of the carving.

If you are traveling to Camp Floyd, take a few minutes and visit the Fairfield Cemetery and school house.

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