Monday, September 19, 2011

Eureka! (Utah, That Is)

Main Street, Eureka, Utah

Eureka shows up on some lists of ghost towns, and driving down main street may convince you it deserves to be there, but there is still a nice-sized population here. You can also get a snack or tank of gas in town if needed, so I am not sure the label fits.  This view of the main street in Eureka shows some empty businesses, including one where there is no longer a roof.  

Vacant building space in Eureka

While there is a certain emptiness to this town, there are some businesses that have managed to hang on.  The old buildings have character, and there are nicely kept homes, churches, and schools.  Eureka was once a thriving mining town, but since the mines have closed, the town has shrunk considerably.  The residents we encountered were quite friendly, and really have an attachment to their home town.

Advertisements on a building

Although we visited during a time of day where the lighting was challenging, it was still a fun place to photograph.  

Eureka, Utah

Architectural detail of building in Eureka

Rear view of building.  Small attachment on the left is the old jail.

There are, of  course, remnants of mining visible around town.  This particular mine shaft was on the south end of town.

Mining remnants in Eureka

The real treasure we found in town, however, was the Tintic Mining Museum.  It was so fun, it definitely deserves its own post, so stay tuned!

Tintic Mining Museum

Eureka is also home to the annual Tintic Silver Festival.  This year it runs from September 17, 2011 through September 21st.


  1. I had never really stopped in Eureka despite driving through it countless times on the way to Delta. It was fun to spend some time there. Too bad the shake shop was out of business though.

  2. A milkshake definitely would've hit the spot!

  3. Thanks for posting about I don't need to ever go there. :)

  4. When I post about the Rockwell cabin and the museum, you will really have seen the whole thing! Glad I could save you a trip :)