Saturday, September 24, 2011

Porter Rockwell Cabin - Eureka, Utah

Rockwell Cabin, Eureka, Utah

This cabin is across the street from the Tintic Mining Museum.  A sign at the cabin states that it was brought in from Orin Porter Rockwell's ranch, and it is not certain if Porter Rockwell (Orin's father), ever stayed there, but the cabin still has historical value.

Did he or didn't he?  It is unknown if Porter Rockwell stayed here!

Inside the Rockwell cabin

Restoration and preservation continue on this small cabin.  Inside you will find period pieces, photos, and historical information.  It is a small, two room cabin, and is interesting to walk through.

Interior of the Rockwell cabin

If you are traveling through Eureka, Utah, stop and take a minute to see this little cabin.  It is on the main road through town, and only takes a few minutes to visit.  There is a main room (shown in the pictures above), and a bedroom containing bunks.  It is amazing people lived in such small spaces, and harks back to a physically demanding, but materially simpler time!

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