Monday, July 18, 2011

Johnson Cabin at the Benson Mill site

Johnson Cabin at the Benson Mill site

This little cabin at the Benson Grist Mill was built in 1864 by Andrew and Elna Johnson.  They had a homestead in the Tooele area.  The Johnson cabin eventually came into the possession of the Louis Vorwaller family.  (Louis Vorwaller's wife was a granddaughter of Andrew Johnson).  This little one-roomed cabin had additions built on, and became swallowed up in the larger house.  When the larger home was taken down, the cabin was discovered inside.  One wall had been removed to accommodate the additions.  The Vorwaller family donated the cabin to the Benson Mill site, and a new log wall was built to restore the cabin.  Originally, this cabin had a loft inside, but the restored cabin does not. 

There are photos on display inside the cabin that show the demolition of the larger house, revealing this tiny cabin within its walls.  It is interesting to imagine raising an entire family in such a small space--very unlike most homes today.

Cabin interior

Prior to visiting this site, my father indicated we might see this cabin here.  Apparently we are related to the Vorwaller family who owned this cabin.  I really enjoyed seeing a piece of my family history at this location!  You never know what you might find when you venture out on a day trip.

Johnson Cabin Interior


  1. I love it when people save pieces of the past like this!

  2. Do you by chance know who was the father of Louis Vorwaller. I am a Vorwaller and I am trying to get a better grip on our family history.

    1. To my knowledge, Louis Vorwaller was the son of Carl August Vorwaller and his second wife, Caroline Marie Kunze. Sometimes his name is listed as Karl, and sometimes as August Carl, etc., so you see some variations on his name. Carl A. Vorwaller was born in Prussia in 1858. He came to the US and died in Erda, Utah in 1924. Hope that helps! And thanks for stopping by the blog.