Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Horseshoe Springs

Horseshoe Springs

One of the joys of road trips is finding unexpected gems along the way.  After leaving Iosepa, we traveled north for 5.7 miles and turned west at the sign for Horseshoe Springs.  Just yards from the main road is a parking area and a boardwalk leading to the springs.

Boardwalk to Horseshoe Springs

This is a BLM property, and was once used as a stop on the California Trail during the westward migrations of the 1800s. Take a moment to reflect on how many people watered their animals here before heading west into the desert.  The ill-fated Donner party is reported to have stopped here as well.  As in many places in the west, apparently you can find wagon ruts near the springs.  We did not look for them during our stop.

View of Horseshoe Springs

We saw tiny fish and  two different types of dragonflies while we were at the springs.  One dragonfly was bright orange, and the other was baby blue and black.  This place is very picturesque, and I am sure some of our photos from today may end up in a painting!  There are no facilities at Horseshoe Springs.


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