Monday, July 25, 2011

Days of 47 Parade Trivia Answers

If you are like me, and walked out of the room at the wrong time and missed one of the answers during KSL's coverage of the Days of 47 parade today, you are most grateful if someone posts the answers online to help you out!  Now, I can only personally vouch for 7 of these answers, and if #3 is accurate, I am forever grateful to the person who put it online.  Good luck...and I hope you win the playhouse and I get the Disney trip!
1)  1947
2)  dragon
3)  arts
4)  the world
5)  Mormon Tabernacle Choir
6)  stick pull
7)  5
8)  ferris wheel

I was sad my favorite float didn't win the People's Choice award this year, but there was some pretty good competition.  Hope you all enjoyed watching the parade!

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