Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Close Enough Christmas!

Christmas candles

In the past, I have wanted the perfect Christmas. And I have been frustrated when I couldn't get done everything I wanted to do.  There has never been enough time, enough money, enough energy, etc., etc., etc. But this year is different.

This year, we only put up part of the Christmas lights. The elements combined to give us snow and 20 degree weather for weeks, and it was too slippery to climb the roof and do all of the lights. But the colored lights and red bows on the porch railing are pretty, especially with the snow.

Homemade Christmas house

This year, our Christmas tree did not have a lot of branches to cut off at the base, so there isn't a homemade fresh wreath hanging on the door. There is an inexpensive knit Christmas stocking, and it looks festive against our red door.

This year, I didn't write a Christmas newsletter. I have enjoyed crafting one in the past, trying to keep it fun and succinct. But this year, when I was ordering photo cards online, I found I could summarize our year in a few sentences on the back of the card, and it was great! We all sat and signed the cards as a family, and I really enjoyed that.

This year, my house isn't de-cluttered, and it won't be spotless for the party we will host on Christmas Eve. This year, all of the decorations didn't get put up...just the favorites. And the house looks great. I am enjoying my tree, my nativities, my handmade decorations, the Lego village on our shelves, and the poinsettia I picked up at the store.  So what if there aren't extra lights and garlands adorning our dining room?

Part of our Lego Christmas decor

This year, we have fewer presents under the tree. The shopping got done early, and I kept it simple. I have very little left to wrap.

This year, the neighbor gifts were simpler. My grandmother used to make trays heaping with a variety of cookies at Christmastime, and we would munch on these delectable treats over Christmas break. In her honor, I like making treat plates to give to neighbors. I have never come close to her level of baking, and some years, the strain of trying to make multiple treats for everyone has been overwhelming.  This year, we gave simple treats to a few close friends and neighbors, and I enjoyed the experience.

This year, I am enjoying saying thank you to people. This year, I am listening to more Christmas music. This year I am gathering with my family around a table to play board games, or to cuddle on the couch to watch Christmas movies. This year I am keeping the food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day simple.

One of our nativities

This year, I am focusing more on the things that are important to me as we celebrate Christ's birth, instead of counting the things I couldn't do. This year, Christmas is close enough...and it is better than ever!

May you have a very Merry  Christmas!

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