Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dinosaurs Almost Extinct at Hogle Zoo!


Zoorassic Park is in its final days.  If you have not yet been to Hogle Zoo to see the animatronic dinosaurs, you are running out of time!  The dinosaurs will be gone after August 31, 2011.  So, just in case you can't make it to the zoo in the next few days, here a few highlights!

Baby Styracosaurus

The baby styracosaurus calls to his nearby mother.


The dilophosaurus sprays water on patrons.  On a hot day like today, the spray was definitely welcome, and people waited in the "spray zone" to cool off.  The baby dilophosaurus sprays too.

Crazed Dilophosaurus waits to spray people.


This kentrosaurus differs from a stegosaurus because of the shoulder spikes.


This parasaurolophus is thought to use it's "horn" shaped head to project noises.


Did you know allosaurus is Utah's State Dinosaur?  (Did you know Utah had a state dinosaur?--Well, now you do!)

Tyrannosaurus Rex

While many of the dinosaurs in this exhibit are built on a smaller scale, T-rex was made full-size.  Note the large feet to support its bulk.

T-rex - could you outrun him?

Tyrannosaurus Rex

We had to admit when that big head moved and made threatening noises, it was a bit unsettling to think about how it would be to meet a live Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Hogle Zoo has 13 different dinosaurs positioned around the zoo.  Unfortunately, I couldn't photograph them all for you, but hopefully this will give you a taste of "Zoorassic Park."  It was fun to have the dinosaurs for the summer!

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  1. Sorry I missed it! Thanks for giving me a "taste" of the Dino exhibit.