Thursday, August 4, 2011

Abstracts Courtesy of Nature

"Andalusian Elegy" by Don Olsen, 1965

Yesterday I went to the Utah Museum of Fine Art at the University of Utah, and saw an exhibit entitled "Abstracts From Nature" featuring the work of artist Don Olsen.  His paintings are large, colorful, and have a nice feel to them.  Contrary to the exhibit title, only 2 paintings had titles related to nature:  "Winter" and "Summer."  These paintings reminded me of Navajo textiles, probably because of the color palette and geometric shapes.  This is a small exhibit, and only has another week or so to hang at UMFA. 

The title of the exhibit made me think about how much I like the abstract colors and patterns found in nature.  I've selected a few of my photos that you might enjoy, to show you MY abstracts in this virtual exhibit.  Thanks for the inspiration, Don Olsen & UMFA!

Can't beat nature for wonderful color combinations!

Is it a river, or bacon?





"Winter"  or "Schlorp 2"

Next time you are out and about, don't just look at the big picture!  Try framing something close and create your own abstract art from nature.


  1. Excellent pictures and awesome photography.
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  2. Thanks so much! It was fun to take the pictures. Several were taken at Yellowstone.