Wednesday, April 17, 2013

National Poetry Month - Langston Hughes

"Unburdened" - 24" x 32" oil by Greg Newbold

Shearing Time

It must be nice to be a sheep
With nothing to do but graze and sleep.
But when it's time the wool to shear,
That poor old sheep bleats, "Oh, dear!"
--Langston Hughes

It is springtime, shearing time, and National Poetry Month.  What better way to celebrate than with this great little poem by Langston Hughes, a truly talented American poet!

For more on Langston Hughes, click here.

Thanks to Greg Newbold for permission to use the image of his amazing painting, "Unburdened."


  1. Sheep totally do that. They act like it's the end and then are surprised when they get to walk away. So funny- great poem!

  2. Awesome poem, awesome painting!