Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gingerbread Houses at 2012 Festival of Trees

Gingerbread Bird House

This year's selection of gingerbread houses at the Festival of Trees did not disappoint.  Wandering through the "Gingerbread Village," we saw many architectural wonders.  Several of the houses had movie themes this year, representing films such as "Tangled," "The Hobbit," "Ice Age: Continental Drift," and "The Lorax."

Tangled Up Christmas

"Tangled" had a gingerbread entry last year as well, and remains a popular theme.

The Shire in Gingerbread

Bag End Gingerbread House

I thought "The Hobbit" was particularly well-represented with these two entries showing the Shire, and also Bilbo Baggins' home, Bag End.  Someone was very clever to create these, and they are a nice departure from more traditional gingerbread house styles.

The Once Ler's House

This colorful gingerbread creation from "The Lorax" drew a crowd, and was popular with kids.  "Ice Age: Continental Drift" was popular with the younger set as well.

Ice Age in Gingerbread

I liked the narwhals on this one.  Of course, as in any year at the Festival of Trees, more traditional styles of gingerbread houses were also on display. 

Nutcracker Gingerbread House

I cannot imagine the hours of planning and then actual execution that goes in to some of these projects.  One entry this year actually spelled it out for the viewers, however, and included a list of the supplies and time it took to make the Mountain Home.

Just a little bit of work!

Mountain Home Gingerbread House

All of those ingredients and all of those hours went into this beautiful, two-story log cabin.  This "Mountain Home" was definitely one of my favorites this year.  Another elaborate house was a holiday bakery.  I was intrigued by the texture and style of the roof.

Gingerbread bakery

At the very end of my journey through the Gingerbread Village, I saw one last amazing piece of edible art.  Someone re-created the historical Provo Tabernacle, and it was beautiful.

Provo Tabernacle

It was by far the largest and most imposing piece.  With its architectural detail and snowy roof, it was a show-stopper.  All of these gingerbread houses are created by volunteers and donated to the Festival of Trees.  The Festival is an annual fund-raising event for Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City.  Run completely by volunteers, the Festival features performing groups, delicious treats, and many items for sale including Christmas trees, the gingerbread houses, wreaths, quilts, and more.  All of the proceeds go to the hospital and help pay for treatments for those who cannot afford care. Held each year in early December, The Festival of Trees is one of my favorite ways to kick off the Christmas season.

Patrons meander past the Gingerbread Village

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  1. Man- those houses are way more fun than than the ones I made as a kid. Mmm, they look tasty.