Friday, October 12, 2012

Public Art at Hogle Zoo

Polar Bear Sculpture at Hogle Zoo

Hogle Zoo boasts some new pieces of art, along with the traditional favorites.  This bear sculpture is in the new Rocky  Shores exhibit.  Rocky Shores opened during the summer 2012, and features a polar bear, grizzlies, and seals.  It is a great addition to the zoo.

Nautical decor in Rocky Shores

Rocky Shores is decorated in a nautical theme.  If you visit, make sure you look up to take in the displays.  The ceilings are hung with buoys and nets, and sometimes an animal mount or skeleton hangs above you.  Quotes on the walls add another artistic touch.

Quote on display at Hogle Zoo

Visitors have enjoyed previous art installations.  The giant elephant that plays music and "sneezes" water on young guests is a summer favorite.  One of the advantages of public art is its interactive nature.  Kids can touch the sculptures, or climb up for a photo.

The rhino is a popular photo spot.

As I wandered around the zoo, I started looking for more examples of art.  Some are easily visible along the walkways, but other art objects are tucked into quiet corners.  It adds a wonderful dimension to Hogle Zoo to have these little touches along the way.

Pagoda at Hogle Zoo

This little pagoda is a long time zoo resident.  I wonder how many people have even noticed it, though, as they herd children from one animal exhibit to another.

Wooden Wheelbarrow

This wooden wheelbarrow seems a bit out of place in the Asian Highlands, but it has a rustic charm.  My personal favorite of the new sculptures at Hogle Zoo is this graceful, granite seal.

Seal in Rocky Shores

The next time you are walking around a public space, take a few moments to look at the art on display.  Watch the kids climb on a sculpture, read a quote, or enjoy the design of a fountain.  I think public art is a gift to everyone, and enhances the visitor's experience.  Art is all around you!

Mother bear and cubs

If you go:  Hogle Zoo is open year round, but is closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.  As we head into winter, the admissions hours are from 9am to 4pm, with the grounds closing at 5pm.  Hogle Zoo is located at 2600 East Sunnyside Avenue in Salt Lake City.

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  1. I love the new polar bear and seal sculptures. Very cool.