Monday, September 3, 2012

When Clouds Get In the Way....

Clouds in Alberta, Canada

Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out.  This year, my summer got derailed.  Here is what I had planned: a great family vacation, followed by many family activities around home like hiking, camping, cookouts, game days,  zoos and aquariums,  painting the deck railing, gardening, and more.

Here is what my summer turned out to be: great family vacation followed by a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, MRI, surgical consults, another MRI, more surgical consults, surgery, PET/CT scan, and post-operative follow-up appointments.  My plans for the next several months will now be centered around chemotherapy and radiation.

Hollyhocks at home.

Sometimes the journey we plan and the journey we take aren’t exactly the same.  But, it doesn’t mean the trip has to be terrible.  Although my path this summer has had many unexpected twists and turns, I did manage a couple of easy hikes, and I also soaked up as much family time as possible.  I learned that the things that mattered most to me before cancer, are still the things that matter the  most.  Some things don’t change.  I learned about the overwhelming kindness of people.  And I learned that life is full of beautiful things all along the way, even when your travel plans change.   


  1. So sorry to hear this tough news, Amy! Like I told Greg (and speaking of clouds) we're sending a big ol' Alberta Clipper full of good thoughts and vibes your way. We hope the treatment goes as smooth as it possibly can.
    Carolyn, Steve and Kieran

  2. Both the posts are fantastic....Both the sky and the flower post looks great....

  3. Just the other day, while checking my Blog Reader, I wondered why you hadn't posted recently. And now I know. So, so sorry to hear your news. I wish you the best Amy and pray for a complete recovery.

  4. Thanks, Kim and Carolyn. We are counting our blessings and watching for good things along the way.

  5. We are sorry to hear of your misfortune. You have a wonderful support group with that awesome family of yours. Our thoughts a prayers are with. Also thanks for being such a wonderful mentor to Annicka. She loves and respects you and all the great advice you give her. Thanks from one mom to another. :)