Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yard Art - The Last Flowers of the Summer


While picking the last of the vegetables before the frost hits, I took a few minutes to photograph the last of our flowers as well.  These verbena struggled all summer, but look pretty good now that it is October!

Rose bud

This rose is on my Diana Princess of Wales bush, and has an incredible scent.  The roses aren't as big this time of year as they are in the spring, but are still beautiful.


I have met some people who look upon the marigold in disdain and think of it as too common for their gardens.  However, I have grown marigolds since I was a child, and they are hardy, drought tolerant, heat tolerant, and look good for months!  I also like their spicy, pungent scent.

A little end of summer color.

This plant was starting to look scraggly, but if I cut it back, it will return and look good next year.  This yellow flower is showing signs of age, but is still pretty.

Peace Rose

This peace rose is the anchor of my rose bed.  The blooms are big, and the bush always grows really well.  I love the delicate blend of colors.

Yellow Rose

It is the end of the flowers in my garden, and the leaves are turning on the trees.  I am savoring these last few colors and scents of fall.  

Last blooms of fall.

Take time to smell the roses, and happy autumn!



  1. You take lovely photos...they look professional.

  2. You are very kind! I enjoy taking pictures and I find if I take enough, a few of them turn out!